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GFX - Inside My Mind - Jim Gaffigan

Here's some of the documentation I had to come up with to animate and direct the animated segments of this episode of Inside My Mind. This segment was scheduled for 6 weeks of animation time. It was first started in the beginning of March 2020 and had to be converted to an at home project that I worked one week on two weeks off until finishing.

I first came up with a moodboard for each location that comes up in the episode as well as a color palette. Once these were approved by the producers I continued to the next steps.

Next comes storyboards. Because of the fast turn around and scattered timeline of this piece I wasn't able to stick 100% to the storyboard. I do feel like I made it the best way I could, cutting backgrounds that there wasn't enough time to create, ditching jokes that the timing wasn't there for.

And here's the final piece.

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