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GFX - Should You Be Afraid - Sextortion

For VICE's Zeke Spector, putting a piece of tape over the webcam was just good practice; one never knows who may be looking in. But with the seemingly endless amount of digital meetings for work and family hangouts, Zeke had become somewhat complacent putting back on the tape after every use.

So he was absolutely terrified when he received an email that claimed it had been recording him in a compromising situation and would release the video to all his contacts unless he paid a ransom in Bitcoin.

Zeke began his adventure down another rabbit hole to see how feasible a webcam attack is and explore the underbelly of cybercrime that results in millions of dollars in losses a year.

The Ask:

Create easy to comprehend visuals to explain complicated ideas about the internet, cyber security and bitcoin. There was 5 days scheduled for this.

Mood Board

Style Frames

The producer liked the simpler shapes of the bottom two images. So I continued with that feeling.

Here are all of the animated sequences I made for this piece.

Watch the full length video below!

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